Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Products!

I have lots of products I want to eventually sell but I can't introduce them all at once, unfortunately. I'm releasing them slowly to gauge interest and decide on styles, best materials, pricing, etc.  All of them benefit special needs kids and parents in some way. I've made lots of things for my children over the years but stuff for SN kids is a market that isn't well covered yet, at least not by work at home moms who can provide the products at a reasonable price!

So I'll be listing each new product here. Just message me on Facebook to order!

Bandana style bib for big kids!

My bibs are one size fits all from approximately ages 5+. They are made with 4 layers of thick flannel and have multiple snap settings to fit a range of neck sizes from ~16"-23". They are not waterproof, but they are super absorbent and even my super soaker only manages to go through several a day. And at these prices, you can afford to get a few extra! They are $5 each with a flat rate shipping of $5. Fabric choices are on my Facebook Page.

If you need sized or waterproof bandana style bibs, please check out Neato Bandito on Facebook.

Next I have Suction Cozies to hide all the icky secretions from view. These fit standard 800 ml suction canisters that fit the Devilbiss portable and Invacare bedside units (6" tall, 16" circumference). These will be reversible and $12, shipping included (within the continental U.S.) Again, see the Facebook page for fabric selections.

Very soon I will have measurements and pricing up for reusable youth and small adult Swim Diapers. These will be available by summer and for a reasonable price. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Check out the new hybrid poncho!

Need a rain poncho AND a winter poncho? Is it just too expensive to buy one of each? My new hybrid poncho may be the answer!

This just looks like a regular rain poncho, right?

You can remove the waterproof liner and use it as a regular winter poncho!

And then you can use the waterproof liner by itself for those warm and rainy days when you don't want all the stuffy fleece.

These are the same size as the other ponchos (don't pay attention to how short it looks on my daughter's wheelchair.....this is a small and she wears a medium). They come with TWO rain hood, and one regular fleece hood! This one has a solid color winter poncho but you will be able to choose printed fleece for the winter portion as well as a printed rain portion if you'd like. And they don't even have to match since the inner one won't be visible once it is snapped together.

***Please don't mind all of the boxes....our monthly supply order hasn't been put away yet!***

Thursday, January 30, 2014

"How do I put this thing on!?"

Don't worry, I get this question a lot! The snaps can be a bit confusing and it can be hard to explain in words, so here is a quick video and also a picture with an explanation. Sorry for the awful camera work. Charlie's nurse and I weren't exactly in sync. LOL

In the larger sizes there are generally 3 snaps on each end, but you can get the idea here. The red circles contain the snaps that snap around the child's neck, behind their head. The snaps in the black circles are for the hood. The hood has snaps facing out, away from the child, so they can snap to the inside of the poncho. See, easy peasy!

Please note that the rain poncho hoods snap on a little differently. Because I designed them so rain will not run down and inside the poncho, the hood has to be outside of the poncho. Therefore the snaps attach on the outside of the neck area.

I hope this helps!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Turnaround time and shipping:

All packages are shipped priority with tracking and insurance. All of the prices listed include shipping within the continental U.S.

Turnaround time varies and can take up to several weeks for your poncho to ship. I try to get them out within about a week, but between having a a special needs child, a homeschooled 4th grader, and several chronic health conditions myself, sometimes it takes a little longer. I always update the Facebook page if there is a delay and I hope everyone understands when this happens!


***All prices include shipping within the continental U.S.***

Basic ponchos are 2 layers of fleece and come with a hood and elastic ties to keep the poncho from blowing around or dragging on the ground (if you size up).

Prices start at:

XS: $$45
S: $50
M: $55
L: $65

Extras include:

Armholes $15
Snap-in extra layer: $15
Licensed fabric: $5
Larger size: Price available upon request
Premium fabric: Price available upon request

So for example, a Medium poncho, with Hello Kitty fleece and armholes would be $55+$5+$15=$75

Rain ponchos are one layer of fleece and one layer of waterproof PUL fabric and come with a rain hood. Prices start at:

XS: $55
S: $60
M: $70
L: $80

So for example, a L rain poncho with armholes would be $80+$15=$95

Hybrid ponchos are a regular winter poncho with a snap on waterproof layer to use as needed or separately. It will come with 2 hoods; one winter hood and one rain hood. If you would like armholes on a hybrid poncho, please specify if you want both layers to have a set, or just one (some people prefer not to get a set on the waterproof layer). With hybrid ponchos you can pick a printed fabric for the rain portion and a different printed fabric for the winter portion if you'd like. Keep in mind that dark fleece will show through lighter colored PUL (waterproof) fabric. Prices start at:

XS: $85
S: $95
M: $110
L: $120

So for example, a M hybrid poncho with Batman fleece and armholes in the winter poncho only would be $105+$5+$15=$130

2 separate ponchos with the same features would cost a total of $175 so there are some big savings there!

***You do not have to figure all of this up yourself. I will calculate it and send you the invoice for the correct amount. This is just to give you an idea of what to expect.***

Ready to order?

Because these ponchos are custom, I do not feel a typical on-line shop is the best option. I like to discuss with each and every person how their poncho will look before making it. So here is how you order:

1) Decide on the size you need. This post will help you figure out which size is best.

2) Decide on a fabric. Here are the waterproof choices for rain ponchos. Please visit the Joann site for fleece selections. You should pick a few in case my local store doesn't have your first choice. I can also do all solids colors too, of course. I can order specific fabric if you'd like, just send me a link and I will find it locally or on-line (if I have to order it on-line, the extra cost will be passed to you).

3) Decide if you'd like anything extra, like armholes, or an extra layer. If you need something special and aren't sure if I can do it, just ask!

4) Simply message me on the Punchy Ponchos Facebook page. I will put in your order, send an invoice through PayPal, and get to work on your poncho!  If you do not have a PayPal account already, you can sign up here.

5) Wait for your poncho to arrive! Shipping times explained here

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Need armholes?

If your child would prefer their arms not be inaccessible the whole time they are wearing their poncho, maybe they need armholes! They snap shut to keep the cold out when they are not in use! These will be $15 extra per set (if you get a hybrid poncho and want armholes on both layers, it will be $30).

I place these holes slightly more than midway up the poncho so the child's arms will come out at about waist level to hold a toy or drive a powerchair. If your child really likes to have their hands in their mouth, you'll want the armholes higher up on the poncho. Just let me know if this is the case and I will make a note of it on your order.